Concrete Flooring Blackburn

A1 ConcreteConcrete Floor Laying

Concrete literally provides the base for the vast majority of industrial enterprises all over the world including Blackburn! A well designed and constructed concrete floor offers a wide range of features such as: high wear resistance, long life and ability to carry very heavy loads.

Unfortunately over the years these concrete floors are not given the attention they deserve by investors, designers and contractors at the planning and construction stage.

It is usually only when a floor fails to perform to the required standards that it becomes the focus of attention by which time it is too late to avoid necessary repairs or replacements.

If you’re looking for a concrete floor for your industrial or commercial build in Blackburn then A1 Concrete are ready to help. With over 2 decades experience we’ve been successfully laying concrete floors for Blackburn based businesses. Whether you require a new concrete floor base laying or your current one replacing then A1 Concrete pumping can manage the project from start to finish.

Our dedicated team of professionals and state of the art concrete pumping machinery mean that we can lay your concrete flooring in time and to budget.

Call us today on 07970 733 591 for all your concrete flooring needs.