Concrete base laying Burtonwood

Industrial concrete base laying Burtonwood

A1 ConcreteConcrete Floor Laying

Industrial concrete base laying Burtonwood.

We were contacted by a commercial property customer in Burtonwood to prep, lay and finish a concrete floor for their two industrial units. We were asked to use Polypropylene fibres instead of the traditional steel mesh which in return reduces the overall cost and time of the concrete floor laying job,

Some key benefits of using Polypropylene fibres over traditional steel mesh in concrete flooring.

• Improve mix cohesion, improving pumpability over long distances
• Improve freeze-thaw resistance
• Improve resistance to explosive spalling in case of a severe fire
• Improve impact resistance– and abrasion–resistance
• Increase resistance to plastic shrinkage during curing
• Improve structural strength
• Reduce steel reinforcement requirements
• Improve ductility
• Reduce crack widths and control the crack widths tightly, thus improving durability
The concrete floor was laid in a morning and then polished once the concrete had set.

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